Here is Oombrella, the smart umbrella that alerts us if it will rain

The product was presented at CES by French startup Wezoo, it is an umbrella connected to smartphones and equipped with a small weather station

It always rains when you don't have an umbrella. It is not a phrase said so much for but exact science. And to avoid coming home wet the French startup Wezzoo has invented Oombrella, a smart umbrella that alerts us thanks to an app with a notification on the smartphone about weather conditions and possible rainfall.

How Oombrella works. The device is not just a simple connected umbrella, but it is also a small weather station. It continuously analyzes weather conditions to alert us promptly. It collects data on humidity, temperature, pressure and light. Through the application, the smart umbrella alerts us if we should take it or not. And if we had recently left the house a notification on the smartphone will warn us if it is appropriate to go back to get the umbrella. The startup showed its smart umbrella at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and the product is being launched on Kickstarter. Shipments will start in March.

More accuracy thanks to social networking

In addition to the data collected by the umbrella, Oombrella also leverages other users' sharing on the Wezzoo app. Based on real-time reports, it can alert us if the weather is about to change and it's time to bring your umbrella along. After its great success on Kickstarter, the French startup has also included its product in the international crowdfunding site IndieGoGo.  The company is still waiting to start shipping because it wants to slightly decrease the weight of the umbrella given the great success and recent funding. Oombrella is available in three colors, one bright and the others in black and white starting at $79.

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