How Snapchat works explained by the CEO of the company

In the documents presented to the New York Stock Exchange for the launch on Wall Street, Snapchat has also attached documents explaining how the application works

In Italy it has not yet had the success it has had on the other side of the Ocean. We're talking about Snapchat, the social application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, which in just a few years has conquered over 300 million monthly users.

The application is very simple: it allows you to send images to your friends that you delete immediately after opening them. In the United States, it has become a real phenomenon, with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that had to run for cover to stop the hemorrhage of users who had left their platforms to switch to Snapchat. Now the company led by Evan Spiegel is ready for the big leap and to list on the stock exchange in search of fresh money to be used to improve the application and diversify the market with the development of new products, as has already happened with the glasses Spetcacles.

How Snapchat works

In the documents submitted to the New York Stock Exchange to start the procedure for listing on Wall Street, Evan Spiegel also attached a file full of images where it is explained how Snapchat works. The document should be an aid to all those who do not have much experience with the application, especially business men unaccustomed to the world of the white ghost. The document describes every single function of the application: from how the user interface is made, to the most hidden features. For example, Snapchat until recently "was the only application that gave the opportunity to open the camera directly from the home of your account". Other descriptions also explain how to send images or how to chat with your friends. With this document, Evan Spiegel hopes to reach the three billion dollars set as a minimum goal for the IPO.