Google Maps adds a feature to avoid getting lost in airports

The new features that Google has introduced in Maps improve Live View and allow its use even inside airports and train and bus stations.

With Google Maps getting lost in airports will no longer be a risk. In fact, Mountain View's map and navigator service will allow you to navigate through these huge structures around the world with confidence, always having a clear path to reach the area of interest.

There are over 100 improvements added to Google Maps in 2021, all closely related to the use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to this system, Big G has managed to rethink services by integrating the ability to constantly monitor information, with data always updated in real time. Navigation in closed places, through Live View, is precisely one of the most interesting implementations since it will allow to have a complete overview even where usually the navigator can't reach, forcing the user to fall back on physical maps or directions that may prove inaccurate or difficult to follow.

Google Maps at the airport, how it works

Thanks to advanced technology capable of recognizing and accurately estimating the altitude and position of objects inside a building, Google Maps is now able to bring Live View, or rather the augmented reality vision system directly into the application, even indoors as it already happens during road trips. In fact, it will be possible to recognize not only the surface area, but also the floor where you are, thus always having a precise virtual map at your disposal.

In this way you can easily find the nearest elevator or reach the boarding gate, as well as the carpet for baggage claim of your flight, the bathrooms or the ATM in the area. Through a system of arrows and directions, the route is then easy to follow, until the point of arrival is constantly marked for easy identification at a glance.

Currently, the feature is available for both Android and iOS for some major airports around the world; as Google itself confirms, many will be added in the coming months. The list doesn't end here, however: in fact, shopping malls and interchange stations, particularly busy environments where orientation can play tricks on you, are already part of the group of places where you can use Live View; this happens in some US cities, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Newark, Seattle, San Jose and Long Island, although the number will soon increase.

Google Maps, the other features

And once out of the airport? Google has thought of that, too: working with partners like The Weather Company, and the Central Pollution Board, Google Maps will provide information about the weather and air quality of the place of interest. The addition is particularly important, not only to be able to decide whether or not to bring an umbrella with you, but also for those who suffer from pollen allergies or have breathing difficulties due to fine dust that, thanks to monitoring, will be able to deal in a more targeted manner the period of stay in the area.

The service, also available in this case both for devices with robot operating system and for Apple, will be launched shortly in the United States, Australia and India waiting to reach the total coverage of the globe.