Netflix app adds Extra, Instagram-style social feed

Netflix is testing a new feature: it's called Extra and it's clearly inspired by Instagram. Find out how it will transform the app by becoming more social

Netflix wants to try to have its say in the social sector as well, and does so by modifying the Android version of its app. Since a few days, the video streaming giant has started testing a new interface that contains post-carousels clearly inspired by Instagram Stories. has confirmed that, for now, the new version of the app is only available to a limited number of users and developers.

No doubt, Netflix has enormous potential in the social terrain: users are now in their millions worldwide, and could use the app, not only to watch movies, TV series or other content, but perhaps also to share opinions, tastes and maybe recommend titles and more to other people and contacts. In short, Netflix has understood what is the new sector to focus on and does not want to waste time. The new Netflix Extra feature is therefore preparing to amaze users around the world, even if for now it is only in the testing phase.

The social side of Netflix

Netflix has confirmed the tests on a feed different from the current one: the new interface will be different in many ways. The goal is to allow users to more easily discover new titles to watch, but also to connect with each other, exchanging advice on content and genres. On the other hand, there are many blogs and online channels that offer suggestions or reviews on movies, series and documentaries to watch. And finally, Netflix has gone along with this trend: it will allow people to report what they liked, what they loved and want to share with others.

The Netflix Extras section: how will it work?

What will most differentiate the new app from the one currently in use will be a new tab called Extras, similar to Instagram Stories. These contents can be scrolled with your finger, and thus allow you to watch a succession of videos and images.

In the same way, Netflix's Extra will allow you to watch trailers and mini-videos that will start automatically but without sound, as well as several images. These materials will clearly refer to what is already present or will be immanently included in the streaming platform.

The contents present in the Extras section will not be the same all over the world, but will vary based on different factors such as geographical location or duration. Users, after viewing them, will also be able to select them and add them to the "My List" section, which can in turn be published then shared with friends, family and their contacts in general. For the moment, these are just experiments that are being conducted in the Android version of the Nerflix app. It is not yet known when they will be available to all users around the world, but when it happens it will be even more beautiful to watch movies, series and programs of all kinds and then share them with your network.