Instagram, four new features coming

Instagram will have new features in the coming months: portrait mode for selfies, Cinemagraphs mode for Stories new interface for Direct

Instagram doesn't seem to have any intention of stopping. The social platform dedicated to images in the last period has added several new features, starting with the Stories (which are now more than a year old) until you get to the various types of fonts with which to change the writing in the images.

The social network in recent years has experienced non-stop growth, up to nearly 800 million monthly users. But it still wants to keep growing. And new features are already ready that will debut in the coming weeks or months. These are tools that will make Instagram even more versatile and user-friendly. Among the new features there will be the "portrait mode" that will allow you to take selfies with the background blurred (the so-called bokeh effect), the "Cinemagraph" mode within the stories and a new organization of "Direct", the messaging service present within Instagram.

What is the portrait mode in Instagram

Instagram is ready to integrate within the application a feature to take pictures in portrait mode. So far, this feature is present almost exclusively on smartphones with a dual rear camera, but some companies have managed to implement it even on single-camera devices thanks to the work done on artificial intelligence. And it will be artificial intelligence that will make portrait mode possible on Instagram. You won't have to have the latest top of the line camera to take a picture with the bokeh effect and blurred background, but just use Instagram. It's not clear when this new feature will be released, but you'll have to wait a couple more months.


Since stories were launched on Instagram, developers have released different effects to customize them. For example, Boomerang, Rewind and even the ability to make live videos. Cinemagraphs, an effect halfway between a photo and an animation, with only a small part of the photo in motion, will be added in the coming months.

New interface for the Direct section

Direct is the section of Instagram dedicated to personal messages. When we post a comment in Stories, it is sent within Direct. This section has the same functionality as that of an instant messaging app. In the coming months, the section will undergo a makeover and will add new options to simplify its use.

Download your personal data

On Instagram will be added the functionality that allows you to download a copy of all your personal data. This is a service that is already present within Facebook and will now be included on Instagram as well. Thanks to this tool, users will be able to request on their email a file containing everything they have posted on Instagram. The function will be integrated before May 25, 2018, the day when GDPR, the new Regulation wanted by the European Union on the protection of personal data, will come into force.