Four lightweight alternatives to Facebook and Twitter apps

Swipe, Slim Social, Twidere and Finch are four Android apps for both social networks that save data traffic and battery

Among the most downloaded apps on smartphones and tablets, and without which many people just couldn't live, are those of Facebook and Twitter. They are useful, but have two flaws: they consume a lot of cellular data and have a strong impact on battery life.

Facebook, for example, has launched Facebook Lite, a lighter version of its application:  "eats" less internet traffic and allows you to surf even when the connection is not fast. Launched first in developing countries, Facebook Lite has arrived (only for Android) in Italy as well. The lightweight app of Mark Zuckerberg's social network has a flaw: its design. Compared to the traditional version, the look is in fact a bit "traditional". Comunque, sul market del robottino verde è possibile trovare altre soluzioni "Lite" che permettono di utilizzare sia Facebook e sia Twitter, ottenendo un risparmio di dati cellulari e di batteria.

Applicazioni Lite per Facebook: Swipe

Sullo store di Google le più famose e utilizzate applicazioni Lite per Facebook sono due: Swipe e Slim Social. Cominciamo a parlare della prima. Oltre ad essere leggera e in grado di ridurre il consumo dati cellulari e quello della batteria, Swipe ripropone il design originale del social network. L’applicazione utilizza il webview del sito di Facebook ottimizzato per la versione mobile. In altre parole, Swipe mostra quello che gli utenti vedrebbero se si collegassero a Facebook sullo smartphone attraverso il browser. Il webview in questo modo riduce il consumo della batteria, offrendo comunque agli iscritti numerose funzioni e ampie possibilità di personalizzazione. For example, with Swipe you can change the theme, modify the sidebar, menu settings and much more.

Lite Facebook Applications: Slim Social

Like Swipe, Slim Social is a great alternative to use Facebook in a "Lite" way without sacrificing traditional design. In fact, Slim Social also uses the webview of the mobile version of the social network's website to save data and especially battery power. Compared to Swipe, however, the application lends itself more to customization. It is possible to change the design of the News Feed and not display sponsored posts by changing the settings. Also interesting is a feature called "Fast Share" that allows you to quickly share photos and links. Slim Social is also very light: it consumes only 17 MB of data when on standby.

Lite Applications for Twitter: Twidere

As mentioned above, Android offers Lite solutions for Twitter as well. In this case we'll talk about two apps: Twidere and Finch. Let's start with Twidere. The free app lets you use all the features present in the official Twitter app and consume less data and battery. An important aspect of Twidere is customization. The app allows you to change the theme and edit the tabs. But that's not all. With Twidere, you can set filters that prevent you from displaying advertisements on your timeline. In addition, you can block tweets from unwanted contacts and manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Lite Twitter Apps: Finch

If you prefer an app with a clean and elegant design, Finch is the best choice. The graphic style of the application is based on Material Design, a format developed by Google. Finch offers some room for customization: you can choose from several themes created by design experts. Finch also supports several Twitter accounts. Like the others, the application consumes very little data and saves battery power.