How TeamSpeak Works

Do you have a passion for online video games? TeamSpeak allows you to start a conversation with your fellow gamers. Find out how it works

Your passion is online video games? Then TeamSpeak will let you communicate better with your companions during multiplayer sessions. This system was created in 2002 to satisfy all users who want to have the possibility to talk during a gaming session.

You can use it either in the PC version or by downloading the app available for Android and iOS. However, while the software is free, the apps are paid for. In addition to initiating in-game chat, this solution has other interesting features. For example, it allows you to schedule events and alerts the player in case there is a game on the calendar. Features that, in some way, make TeamSpeak suitable for other functions as well. For example, it could be an alternative solution for online lessons: instead of using videoconferencing platforms, the app could be used to connect teachers and students as an "alternative" e-learning system.

TeamSpeak, what is it and features

TeamSpeak could be defined as an instant messaging platform in which the main means of communication is voice. Thanks to the Web, TeamSpeak puts dozens and dozens of Internet users in communication at the same time, allowing them to talk live about their favorite topics. Due to its versatility and lightness, it is the solution preferred by gamers, who use it during multiplayer game sessions to communicate with teammates hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. All this with an excellent audio quality, which allows you to pick up even the lowest of whispers.

But this is just one of the features that has allowed TeamSpeak to become one of the communication software most appreciated by Internet users. The platform, in fact, is completely free and also integrates a chat, decidedly "minimal" but more than enough to exchange messages about the progress of the race or other information. In addition, it allows the sending of documents and files of all kinds. A complete and versatile platform, then, mainly used for gaming but that could also be used for business conferences and online classes.

How TeamSpeak works

At the base of the functioning of TeamSpeak we find the Servers, "virtual rooms" that host from a few dozen users to several hundred gamers. These are real meeting points, in which users can both talk and chat. Within each server, then, it is possible to create private channels, which can be used for specific communications. For example, we are part of a very large team of gamers and, to avoid confusion in the general chat, you can create different Channels depending on the games in progress or the games on which you are active. In case of online classes, instead, you can create a "class" server and several channels dedicated to individual "subjects".

As you can imagine, there are thousands of TeamSpeak servers, each with its own peculiarities and dedicated to a particular game or team. Creating a complete TeamSpeak server list is actually impossible, since everyone could also create his own private server and invite only his teammates. Online, however, there are TeamSpeak server lists that try to be as complete as possible: a simple Google search will be enough to find them and browse through them, so as to discover the credentials to access the server that interests you the most.

How to connect to TeamSpeak servers

In order to connect to a TeamSpeak server you will need, first of all, to install the client for PC or the app for Android and iOS systems. Then you will have to create a personal profile, choosing a nickname with which to "introduce yourself" to the TeamSpeak community and, only at the end of the procedure, enter the chosen server. To do that, from the PC, there are two ways: search in the server list inside the client (click on Connections and then Server List) or enter the address of the server itself by clicking on Connections and then on Connect.

How to connect to TeamSpeak channels

For each server, as mentioned, it is possible to create several channels, dedicated to single themes. Every user of the server can create one (provided he has the privileges to do so) or join one already created by the server administrator. To enter the channel it will be enough to click on it with the right mouse button and choose the option Switch to channel.