How to add or delete microphone in iPhone keyboard

In Apple keyboard, the microphone button for voice transcription is placed near the space bar and can be inconvenient, here's how to delete it

In recent times, the iPhone screen has become bigger and bigger. Yet despite this some users often happen to touch the microphone icon while they are using the Apple keyboard. This creates a lot of inconvenience, but with a few clicks it's a problem that can be solved.

In Cupertino's default keyboard, the microphone function, useful for transcribing a voice message into text, is located at the bottom. Exactly between the space bar and the button for online searches and just above the physical Home button. A rather uncomfortable position. If we accidentally click that button, in fact, we will interrupt our writing and lose a few seconds. It's not a tragedy, but if it happens constantly it can become a big annoyance for the user experience. Luckily, we can disable the microphone from the iPhone keyboard.

How to delete the microphone

Deleting the microphone will not only eliminate the problem of typing errors, but will also enlarge the space dedicated to the space bar, which will make it easier to write long texts without accidentally clicking keys. First we have to take our iPhone and go to Settings. Here we have to look for press on the General section. On the new page that will open instead we select the item Keyboard. Let's scroll through the keyboard settings and uncheck On the "Dictation skill". At this point the game is done. In case we need to use the microphone function in the future, just follow the reverse step to reactivate it. Then go to Settings, then General and finally Keyboard. Within the keyboard settings, scroll through the list of functions until you find the "Enable Dictation" item and put the checkmark next to this function. This technique is valid not only for users who own an iPhone of the latest generation, but also for those who have purchased an iPad or iPod touch.