How to be invisible on WhatsApp

Don't want to be disturbed on WhatsApp by the message of some nuisance? Don't worry, all you have to do is put these valuable tips into practice

For many people today it would be unthinkable to give up WhatsApp. The most famous instant messaging application has changed our lives, retiring what now seems an antiquated mode of communication: the dear (and not only in the emotional sense) SMS.

But everything has a price. Although it has become free for some time - every now and then some good-tempered person enjoys creating chain letters warning that WhatsApp will return to pay - users of the application purchased by Facebook are forced to give up something in return. Not money, of course. But part of their privacy. We're not talking about the issue that saw the European Union fine Mark Zuckerberg's social for sharing data with WhatsApp. We are referring, instead, to the possibility of remaining invisible to other contacts. Is there a way to read messages in peace without being disturbed? Let's see.

Tecniques for hiding on WhatsApp

The easiest method, and you don't need a guide to understand it, is to turn on airplane mode. One click and we would be untraceable. At least for a while, just long enough to check notifications undisturbed. And that's not all. If we wanted, we could, in fact, also send a message to one of our friends, continuing to remain offline. Obviously, the messages will only reach the recipient when we get back online. This technique, however, has some disadvantages: the airplane mode deactivates all the receiving features of the smartphone.What does it mean? Simple, we'll no longer be able to receive calls and messages. Don't worry, there are other, less drastic ways.

Block nuisances and disable access time

To begin with, although the technique may seem a tad exaggerated, to be invisible and not be disturbed on WhatsApp, we could block one of our nuisances. The solution is really decisive: it will give us the opportunity to get out of the radar of the blocked contact, who will no longer be able to see if we are online, if we have updated the profile and the last access time.

About the access time, we could also disable it. How? Easy. Open the "Settings" of WhatsApp and then click on "Account". Having done that, enter "Privacy" and then "Last Login". At this point all you have to do is press on none. And that's it.

TricksĀ to disappear on WhatsApp

Is that all? No, absolutely not. Another way to disappear from WhatsApp is to prevent our contacts from seeing if we have updated our profile picture and status. To disable it, just go back to "Privacy" and select the two items: "Profile picture" and "Status".

And we close with the famous blue ticks, a symbol that allows contacts to know if we have read their message. Classic conversation, "You read my message on WhatsApp, why didn't you reply?" This is how friendships and loves end. Blue ticks can be turned off. Always go to "Privacy" and uncheck in "Read Confirmations". But be careful: if you deactivate the blue ticks, you won't be able to see anymore if a contact has read your message.