How to become a citizen of Asgardia, the first space nation

A Russian company is ready to take the first step towards the birth of Asgardia: sending into orbit a satellite with the data of the first members

In an unstable world, tormented by wars and terrorist attacks, who wouldn't want to run away. Maybe to another planet, where peace and love reign. One of these people is Russian Igor Ashurbeyli, a computer scientist and father of Asgardia, a company whose ultimate goal is to create a nation in space.

The scientist hopes, in fact, to realize his dream: to populate Asgardia with thousands of citizens, who will be called Asgardians. As Ashurbeyli himself explains, Asgardia will be a "planet" governed by rules different from those applied on Earth. There will be no conflicts, only peace. While waiting, however, to carry out this project, which to some may seem fanciful, the Russian computer scientist has announced that he is ready to launch a first satellite in space. A small step towards the first space nation. What will the satellite be used for? To save the personal data of hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Data saved in space

Asgardia-1, this is the name of the small satellite, will be sent into orbit next September. The mechanical "celestial body" will be used to carry a 512 GB storage unit that will contain data from Asgardians. The digital space information will be able to be uploaded and downloaded through the Globalstar satellite constellation. The first 100,000 users to register will have the ability to send approximately 300 kilobytes of data between the stars. Subsequently, Asgardia will allow other people to store their data in the sky. As many as 400,000 Asgardians will be able to save 200 kilobytes and then another million citizens of Asgardia will be able to "launch" another 100 kilobytes into space.

How to become an Asgardian

To become an Asgardian you don't have to do anything other than sign up for the "cause". Just go to the Asgardia website. Maybe if one day the Igor Ashurbeyli project, which for now seems possible only in cinema, will be the only way to escape from the chaos of this world.