How to block all unwanted calls on iPhone

On iOS, there's a feature that lets you filter your phone calls and allows you to receive only those that come from contacts in your address book. Here's what to do

There are a number of calls, especially those that come from call centers, that we wish we never received. Not only are they annoying, but in some cases they can also hide scams. To defend its users, Apple has developed a feature for the iPhone that can block all unwanted calls.

The system acts as a kind of filter: it only lets through calls from numbers in the phonebook. Before explaining how to activate the function, it is good to make some clarifications: once it is enabled, it will be impossible to receive phone calls on your iPhone from all the people not included in your contacts, among whom some important calls could end up. So, be careful, but there is no doubt that this is an excellent weapon against nuisance callers, ready to disturb you at any time. Here s how to block all unwanted calls on iPhone.

Block unwanted calls on iOS

Turn on your iPhone and open the settings. Not sure how to do that? Look for the gear icon among the various apps. Now, we are ready. Among the items that you will find on the next screen, look for and select "Do not disturb". To block all unwanted calls, you are left with a few simple steps. From the menu, click on "Allow calls from". You'll then see a number of options, including "All", "None", "Favorites" and "All Contacts". Finally, to enable the "anti-scooter" feature you'll only have to check the last option among those described, namely "All contacts". And that's it.

Let's say, instead, that you'd only like to receive phone calls from certain people. Still in "Allow calls" you can create certain groups of contacts. The system, as you know, will not only block unwanted phone calls, but also messages, emails and other incoming notifications. So, now you know how to keep jammers away. At least for a while.

Blocking Serial Nuisance Callers on iPhone

Blocking all calls from numbers you don't know can be dangerous.

This will also block incoming calls from people who may just want to offer you a job. If the number you want to block is already on your iPhone, there is a much easier way to put it on the "black list". Just go into the Address Book, find the phone number, open its personal tab, scroll down and press the icon to block the number. If he tries to call us, the call will be "intercepted" and blocked instantly.

Blocked users have no inkling that they have been placed on an "anti-blacklist". When they try to make a call to a person who has blocked them, they are answered by an answering machine that prompts them to leave a message. Just as if it were a real call.

The apps to block unwanted calls on iPhone

If you find the procedures we've just described too complicated, there's one more way to block unwanted calls on iPhone: install an ad hoc app. There are dozens of apps in the App Store that allow you to block unwanted calls and calls from call centers. Both of them have a database that collects all call center numbers, but they also integrate a feature to block contacts within the Address Book. Just enter the number you want to block and it will be automatically added to the "black list".