How to block a number from smartphone

Do you keep getting calls from serial nuisance callers? Here's how to block calls on Android and iPhone using phone tools or apps

The usual call center that pesters you every hour of the day. Your ex who just won't leave you alone. Or a number that you haven't registered and that, from time to time, "amuses" you with rings or silent calls. These are just some of the many reasons that could push you to block a phone number on your smartphone.

Our cell phone, in fact, has become a sort of extension of our body: we always have it in our pocket and we use it for several hours a day, arriving in some cases to manifest the symptoms of an addiction. For serial troublemakers, in short, it's much easier to be able to contact us, regardless of the time of day or where you are. Fortunately, getting rid of all these nuisances is not complicated at all. No matter which phone you have, you have a variety of tools and apps to block calls on iPhone and Android. All you have to do is find out how to block number on mobile and you're done.

How to Block a Number on Android

The easiest way to block a nuisance's calls on Android is through the phonebook. Although this app can change from manufacturer to manufacturer, all of them have a built-in feature that allows you to block a phone number. Just go into the phonebook, select the contact of the nuisance, click on the menu icon (the three dots, to be clear) and choose Block (or Block Number). From this moment on you will not receive any more calls from the nuisance, unless you decide to unblock it.

This procedure, however, may take you quite some time, in case you have several numbers to block or if you want to nip calls from call centers in the bud. In cases like these it is advisable to install apps to block calls on Android, which provide tools to "automate" the process and, in most cases, are linked to a database that automatically recognizes the numbers of the most popular telemarketing centers. An example of this is Should I answer? which allows you to automatically reject certain types of calls. You just need to "play" a little with the app's settings to avoid receiving calls from unknown numbers, hidden numbers, foreign numbers and numbers rated negatively by the app's community.

How to Block a Number on iPhone

Similar discussion for iPhone owners as well. Like Android, iOS also provides features that allow you to natively block incoming calls on your iPhone. To block a number on the iPhone you'll have to open the Settings, click on Phone & ID Blocking and then on Blocking. Now you'll have to select the contacts from your address book that you want to block and you're done. Alternatively, from the Phone app, just click on the "i" icon that appears to the right of each number or contact, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Block Contact.

A good alternative is represented by the many apps to block iPhone calls in the App Store. With True Caller, for example, you can automatically identify unwanted calls from call centers and telemarketing agencies and effortlessly "return them to sender". In addition, this app allows you to add nuisance numbers to a black list, which will allow you to divert the calls to voicemail in no time.

How to block a number on WhatsApp

Once you've blocked the number on your smartphone, however, nuisances may still reach you through WhatsApp. That's why it's advisable to waste a few more seconds and block the nuisance's WhatsApp contacts. Again, it's pretty simple: open WhatsApp, enter the nuisance's chat and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. In the menu that appears, click on More and finally on Block.