How to charge your smartphone faster and save your battery

To charge your smartphone quickly, you just need to know a simple trick: turn on airplane mode. Here's how to do it on Android and iOS

The latest frontier on which smartphone manufacturers are focusing their investments is super-fast charging. Most top-of-the-line devices on the market allow you to recharge your battery in just over an hour to an hour and a half, but the goal is to reduce the wait time even more. Xiaomi has developed a 100W charger that can recharge the smartphone in just under twenty minutes, while Vivo, another Chinese company, has presented a charger that takes only thirteen minutes to reach 100% autonomy. These technologies, however, have a big problem: they decrease the battery life and raise the temperature of the internal components. So what can you do to charge your smartphone faster? There is a simple trick that few people know to charge your cell phone in a short time without damaging the lithium battery: activate the airplane mode. As the name suggests, airplane mode was developed to be activated when you're in flight: the mobile network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are deactivated so as not to conflict with on-board systems. However, this mode is also very useful in other cases: if you don't want to be disturbed, if your phone is locked and also to charge the battery faster. Here's how to do it.

Airplane mode, how to charge your smartphone's battery faster

As we said before, the trick to speed up the charging of your cell phone is to activate the airplane mode before connecting the charger.

It can be done both on Android smartphones and iPhones: just open the Settings and activate the toggle next to Airplane mode.The reason why the charging process is faster in airplane mode is very simple: the smartphone doesn't consume battery power to connect to the Wi-Fi network or antenna cells and it doesn't even receive notifications from social apps. Even if active in the background, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram do not consume the charge.

With airplane mode, in addition to consuming less power, you do not even have to use fast charging to speed up the time. This will safeguard the life of the battery: too high a voltage will increase the internal temperature of the device and decrease the life of the battery. Remember, before charging your smartphone, turn on airplane mode.