How to clean your TV screen

To make the most of your TV screen, you need to clean it using the right products: here are some tips on how to clean your TV screen.

No matter how high-tech our TVs are that give us moments of escape and excitement in between our daily tasks. Dust will always be attracted to our beautiful black screens, even the latest generation.

What many people think is that cleaning the TV screen is child's play, yet when it comes to products we care about, the latest technology and often expensive as our dear TV, it is not very wise to leave everything to chance and hastily clean with the first available cloth "the big stuff" before the arrival of a guest in the house! Here's how to properly clean the TV screen, avoiding halos and scratches and enhance it to the fullest.

How to clean the TV screen: some recommendations

Not all TV screens are the same. Some are screens made of thick glass, especially older models like tube TVs. Others are made of more fragile materials that can be easily damaged if cleaned in the wrong way. Therefore, they should not be treated with the cleaning systems used for glass panes.

Do not apply solvents or harsh detergents that can degrade the quality of the screen surface. Avoid products containing ammonia, alcohol or acetone, and do not even use water or other liquids sprayed directly on the TV, as the presence of liquids inside, could cause irreparable damage to most flat screen TVs and beyond. Here's how to clean your TV screen without damaging it.

Plasma, LED, LCD and OLED TV screen tips

If you're wondering how to clean the screen of your LED or latest generation TV without leaving those annoying halos that ruin your movie watching, here are some practical tips to follow. This type of more delicate screens require some extra care compared to more traditional cleaning. The first thing to do is to take a look at the user manual included in the TV box, to check that there are no special instructions for the care and cleaning of the device.

If you can't find the paper manual, you can always look for the digital format on the internet based on the make and model of your TV. Of course, always follow the manufacturer's specific instructions. If there are no specific cleaning instructions for your TV, follow these tips. Don't worry, you don't need any special equipment, but you can easily find it at home, in retail stores or online.

First, turn off the TV you're going to clean and let it cool down if it's hot, both for safety reasons (which should always be followed when cleaning any electrical appliance) and because with the screen off, dust, dirt and halos are more easily noticed. For a preliminary cleaning and to remove surface dust, it is advisable to use a model of electrostatic duster.

When cleaning, don't forget to get to the buttons, nooks and crannies of the TV as well as the air vents. As a second step, get one of those pre-moistened cloths specially designed for electronic devices, otherwise a soft cloth moistened only with water or a microfiber cloth (like the ones used for cleaning eyeglass lenses) is fine, as they do not scratch the screen and do not leave any residue.

Wipe the screen gently, repeating the cleaning several times until the screen looks shiny and clean. Wipe the screen first in one direction (landscape or portrait), then wipe a second time in the opposite direction to completely cover the entire display. For plasma TV screens, although made of glass, you should follow the same dry methods you would use to clean LED LCD and OLED TVs. This is because plasma screens also have anti-reflective coatings that can be damaged by traditional cleaning products.

Has anyone touched your TV screen with greasy hands? How to clean the TV screen without leaving halos? In some cases, if the dirt remains, it will be advisable to get some special cleaning products able to completely remove the dirt and encrustations. You should always use them with the same precautions mentioned above, that is, never spray the liquid directly on the screen but with a soft cloth.

How to clean the TV screen: some home remedies

If you do not like the idea of buying special detergents and you love the classic grandmother's remedies, in this case applied to technology, you can proceed with the cleaning of your TV with a delicate cloth, but moistened with a solution formed partly by water and partly by white vinegar.

An alternative is to moisten the cloth with a little distilled water and pass it on the surface of the screen several times. It is recommended to clean the TV screen at least once a week to prevent dust, dirt and fingerprints from accumulating and becoming more difficult to remove.