How to clean your laptop screen

Rapidly dirty laptop screen? Here are some simple tricks to clean it in minutes without damaging the display

One of the most exposed parts of your laptop is the screen and it's also the most prone to getting dirty. With displays getting bigger and offering more detail, it's easier to see when the screen is dirty or "invaded" by dust. What to do in such cases?

If you're thinking of cleaning your laptop's display using just paper towels, you're making a big mistake. And endangering the integrity of the screen: blotting paper is rough and leaves scratches on the display. The best tool for cleaning the laptop screen is the microfiber cloth that leaves no marks and removes all dust. Unfortunately, it's not always effective: for stubborn dirt you have to do it the hard way - screen spray and microfiber cloth.

How to remove dust from your laptop screen

A simple microfiber cloth, the same one you use to clean the lenses of your glasses, is enough to remove dust from the screen. A word of advice: don't use paper towels to clean your screen. It looks soft, but it's actually rough and can scratch the panel. The procedure to follow is very simple and won't take you too long. First, turn off the laptop and place the screen under a light source so that you can clearly see where the dust is located. Now take the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen with it, always going in the same direction. Repeat the action several times and your laptop will be free of dust.

How to remove dirt stains from the notebook display

In some cases the microfiber cloth is not enough to clean the screen of the laptop: if there are dirt stains it is necessary to do it the "hard way", remembering that the display is very fragile and you have to be careful. To get rid of dirt stains you must use a sponge soaked in distilled or filtered water. As a first step, turn off the laptop and remove the battery (if possible). Then gently run the soaked sponge over the area of the monitor where the stain is present. When it is completely clean, wait for it to dry and then you can go back to using it.

How to remove dirt from laptop screen

In some cases neither the microfiber cloth nor the water-soaked sponge can remove all traces of dirt from the screen. What to do? Simple, use a spray specially designed to clean the screens. Together with the spray we'll have to use a microfiber cloth where we'll spray the liquid. There are dozens and dozens of sprays for displays: just go to any supermarket and buy the one that best suits your needs.

To clean the screen from dirt, turn off the PC and remove the battery. Spray the microfiber cloth with the spray and wipe the screen by making small circles with your hand. Repeat the action until the dirt stain is gone, making sure that the liquid does not end up on the keyboard. Once completed, wait for the monitor to dry and then turn the laptop back on.