HandEnergy produces clean energy from the wrist. Photo and video

HandEnergy is an innovative battery that produces electricity using the movements of the user's wrist. The project seeks funding on Kickstarter

HandEnergy is a battery that generates clean energy with the strength of your body. It is, in practice, a sphere equipped with a magnetic rotor that produces mechanical power and then transforms it into electricity by storing it in the integrated batteries.

HandEnergy is quite simple to use a bit like a Powerball. You must, first, wind the ring to start the rotation. Once it starts spinning it sends a pulse to the rotor, but to keep it moving you need to move your wrist to keep it spinning. It doesn't reach the speed of a professional Powerball of about 15,000 rotations per minute, HandEnergy stops at 5,000 RPM which is more than enough to recharge the internal battery. The advantage of HandEnergy is to have an environmentally friendly battery with you at all times that, at the same time, allows you to train your wrist muscles, especially for those who spend many hours on the computer.

Do-it-yourself clean energy

(Taken from Kickstarter)

HandEnergy is really an innovative, environmentally friendly and, why not, even fun idea looking for funds on KickStater. The battery is a spherical device with very compact dimensions (70.7 x 72.8 mm) and quite light (380 grams) that can be easily carried anywhere. It is equipped, as mentioned, with a system that automatically starts rotation, a USB connector (5V 1A) to connect virtually any device and the battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh. An indicator shows, in addition, the battery level, while Bluetooth allows you to connect it to an application that provides various information about your "performance" to share with the HandEnergy community. You can also compete with other users to find out who is reducing the use of fossil fuels the most.

Recharging times

The HandEnergy battery, in fact, at the moment only recharges manually although, it is not excluded that, in the near future could also be recharged by plugging it in. But it's just a hypothesis that the company is discussing with its still small community. But let's get down to business: how long does it take to recharge HandEnergy? To charge the battery you need to run it for at least 40-60 minutes. Be.Energy, the manufacturer, claims that it's not that long, it's more or less the same length of time as when you plug a cell phone or other device into a power outlet. The advantage is that you don't pollute and you get your hands to do "gymnastics".

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