Microsoft, patented a wrist smartwatch

The U.S. Patent Office has published the design of a smartwatch made by Microsoft that can turn into a smartphone if necessary

More and more times we have talked about the possibility in the coming years to see smartphones with flexible screens: Samsung should launch one by 2019 and other hi-tech companies are also working on the same goal. Microsoft is also in the game, but the goal of the Redmond company is different: to create a smart band that can turn into a smartphone if necessary.

To reveal the project of Microsoft was the U.S. Patent Office that has just approved a patent of the Redmond company that provides for the construction of a wrist smartphone. From the images inside the patent, the smartphone would have the classic size of a smart band (fitness trackers used to keep track of your physical training), but with a slightly larger screen and a rather special feature: the fact of being modular.

How is the smartphone made by Microsoft

The dimensions of the device patented by Microsoft are more or less those of a smartwatch, but with a slightly larger screen. In addition to the typical functionality of a fitness tracker, the Redmond company's wearable is also modular. Users can decide which functionality to "mount" and have a device designed exclusively for their own person. To understand how the wrist smartphone works, we have to think about the necklaces that are formed by rings connected to each other: Microsoft's device is made in the same way. It is possible to insert inside the wearable the module for the antenna, for the microphone, for Wi-Fi and for the memory. Thanks to the antenna and microphone, it is possible to turn the wearable into a wrist smartphone and use it to make calls.

The patent was filed by Microsoft in 2014, but the Patent Office has only issued it these days. As it often happens with patents, it will be several years before we see it on the market and it is not even certain that Microsoft will decide to produce it.