How to disable Facebook Live notifications

Disabling the feature with which Facebook informs us that one of our contacts has started a live streaming is very simple. Here's how to do it

Facebook Live, the option that allows users subscribed to Mark Zuckerberg's social network, to go live video streaming, is a very useful tool and quite fun. Not always though, especially when we are forced to disentangle ourselves from the constant and annoying live notifications.

Don't worry, there is a very simple way to stop receiving automatic notifications. Let's go in order. Facebook Live, as you know, includes a service through which it informs the user that one of his friends, or one of the pages he is subscribed to, has started a live broadcast. The automatic notifications arrive both on the desktop and mobile version. Sometimes, though, knowing that "dude" is live streaming is of very little interest to us. Yet, if we don't disable the feature that by default triggers the sending of the notification, there's no way to block the service. As a result, all we have to do is launch the app and see the annoying alert.

How to disable Facebook Live notifications on your smartphone

Disabling Facebook Live notifications is a piece of cake. Let's start with the mobile version. As soon as we receive a notification that one of our friends is streaming live, all we have to do is click on the globe icon (in which all notifications are collected) and press and hold on the alert. Then, from the menu we will have to select the option "Disable notifications related to the live video of....". From now on, we will not receive any notifications when the contact is live.

How to disable Facebook Live notifications on the computer

As for the desktop version, again disabling Facebook Live notifications is very simple. Just select the notification you received, then click on the button located on the right and always press "Disable notifications related to the live video of....". That's it.

What if we want to eliminate receiving Facebook Live notifications altogether? We should go to "Settings", then "Notifications", then "Live Video" and from there disable the feature.