How to do an image search on Google

Doing an image search on Google is easy, both from desktop and from Android and Apple smartphones. There are also replacement search apps.

Most people make use of Google to search for information and images. However, it can also be useful to find information about an image you already have or to locate similar photos available on the web. Moreover, the google image search allows also to unmask eventual fake news.

In fact, with this system it is possible to know if a photo published on the net has already appeared online or if it is referable to other events. In these cases it is necessary to resort to Google Images, an interesting tool that allows you to find photos based on digital terms, as well as to perform a reverse search. But let's see specifically how it works.

Google image search: what is important to know?

Google photo search: how to do it? First of all, you need to connect to Google, open the image search page and click on the camera icon in the search bar. Then, just click on Upload an image and use the Choose file button to upload the photo you want to search for. By waiting a few moments, you can view a series of images similar to the one you uploaded.

But that's not all: the links to the web pages that show an exact copy are also indicated. Once you have done these simple steps, by pressing on an image you can get more information. As for the use, it's good to remember that not all the published material can be used at will. In fact, as it is often specified, "Images may be subject to copyright". Therefore, it is important to be very careful, so as not to incur in disputes by third parties.

That said, it is good to underline that if you are looking for photos starting from a very precise image that you have found on the Internet, it is necessary to take a different way, but not for this complex. In fact, you just need to click on Paste image URL, located next to Load an image, and write the address of the image you want to search for and press the search by image button. This will display all the Internet pages that contain the selected image, as well as visually similar images.

Google Image Search: Are There Alternatives?

Google Image Search: Is There Another Way? Those who do not want to use the system described above can count on other valid alternatives. In fact, those who have installed the Google Chrome browser and want to perform a search using images, just have to install the extension Search by Images (by Google), which shows in the menu, which is obtained by clicking the right mouse button, the search for images.

Specifically, by clicking on Search Google with this image you are redirected to Google images. This way you can view similar images and get information about the chosen image. There is, then, another extension that can be useful for those who search for images and it is NooBox Search By Image. But what is it exactly? It is nothing more than a Chrome plugin that allows you to search for images on Google, but also on Baiud, Yandex and Bing.

Don't forget, then, that there are also other sites that allow you to search by images, such as TinEye, which is easy to use. In fact, just enter the URL of the image or upload it from your PC. It is important to remember that this online service is also available as an extension for Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.

Android Image Search: How to do it?

How do I search for photos on Android? The latest generation smartphones with the Android operating system allow you to perform a reverse search through the feature called Bixby Vision. Also in this case the steps to be performed are few and extremely simple. In fact, after launching the personal assistant with the left button of the phone, simply press on the icon located in the lower left corner that resembles an eye.

To the question "What would you like to do?" you must answer "Bixby Vision". Then, a menu appears on which also appears the item Bixby Vision, scan and search for similar images. Clicking on it will launch the smartphone's camera. At this point all you have to do is frame an object and press the Image icon at the bottom left. In this way you can see all similar images available on the web.

However, as an alternative you can open a browser from your mobile device and take advantage of the Desktop version: on Chrome Desktop Site and on Mozzilla Desktop Mode. In this case, you just need to click on the menu in the upper right corner, the one with the three dots, go to Google Images and click on the camera icon, so you can upload the photo and start the reverse search.

Photo search with iPhone: how to proceed?

Is image search possible with iPhone? Absolutely. In fact, it is very similar to the one that is implemented for Android smartphones. In fact, all you need to do is activate the Desktop version on Safari, select the Request Desktop Site option, connect to Google Images, press, again, the camera icon and upload the image from your computer.

However, there is also another way you can go about image search, namely, install the Photo Sherlock app, which is also available for Android, which allows you to perform a reverse search on both Google and Yandex. By doing so, you can not only locate the origin of the image, but also get information about where the shot was taken.