How to hide mobile number

To protect our privacy can be essential to make calls in anonymous mode, here's how to set it on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Nowadays protecting our privacy is essential not to leave too much confidential information in the hands of many. For this reason, in some cases it is advisable to make calls by hiding your phone number.

Making anonymous calls with our smartphone or regular cell phone is really easy. Even those who don't have special technical knowledge and feeling for new technologies can do it. Virtually all phones, whether Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, in fact, are dated of the function "Private Number", which allows us to hide our mobile number to the recipient. A feature that we can use regardless of the operator of our SIM and the operator of the number called. Hiding the number in calls does not allow total anonymity. Law enforcement agencies and phone companies will always know from whom the call originated.

How to hide mobile number on Android

Whatever type of phone we have, it is good to remember that hiding your phone number is a totally free operation, for anyone. If we own an Android smartphone we have several ways to use to make anonymous calls. The simplest is to enter the code #31# in front of the mobile number that we want to call privately. Then all we have to do is type #31# plus the recipient's number and finally press the green handset symbol to make the anonymous call. Using this technique the recipient will receive the call with the words Private Number or Unknown Number.

If you don't want to have to type the numbers plus the #31# code every time, you can install some anonymous calling applications. Anonym Call, for example, allows you to hide your mobile number in a few moments. Once the program is installed, in fact, every time we make a phone call, we can simply select OFF or ON to the Anonymous Call function to hide our number.

A more drastic alternative is to always make anonymous calls. That is, set by default the function hide number on our smartphone. To do this, just go to the call dialer and then press on the menu (three dots icon horizontally). In the tab that will open we select the Settings item, then the Other Settings item and finally on Call ID.

How to hide mobile number on iPhone

To make anonymous calls iPhone we can use the technique of the code #31# to make anonymous calls: just type it before the number to call (for example #31#3001234567) and start the conversation. If this technique seems impractical then we can open the Settings of our device and select the item Phone. At this point we click on Show ID and put the checkmark on OFF. In this way in all calls we will hide our mobile number. Obviously if we were to make calls "classic" that is with our number in sight we just do the reverse route and put the check on ON.