How to send files during a meeting on Zoom

On Zoom you can again share files during video conferences. Here's the procedure you need to follow to activate the feature

If you've ever had a video meeting with Zoom you'll certainly know that this platform is very powerful, but it has had several security issues. One of which led the company that develops it, Zoom Video Communications, to block cloud file sharing within a meeting for over a month.

From April 9 to May 10, in fact, it was impossible to share on Zoom your files hosted on Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive. As of a few days ago, it is again possible to share files, both from the cloud and from your computer or mobile device. But while to share files from your device you won't need to do anything, to share those in the cloud you must first complete a configuration. Once the configuration is complete, however, sharing is extremely easy on both personal and business and educational accounts. In fact, file sharing on Zoom is always done directly through chat.

How to configure Zoom to share files

With Zoom you can send files that are on your device or hosted on Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. The first step is to integrate these three services into Zoom and only the meeting admin can do this by going to the Zoom website and then clicking on Advanced > Integration. Here you will find the toggles to enable file sharing hosted on the cloud services. Then you will need to go to Account Management > Account Settings and enable File Transfer in the Meeting Tab. Without this procedure you'll only be able to share local files. Desktop sharing only works on Windows and macOS apps from version 4.6.10.

How to share files on Zoom

Now everything is ready to send files during a meeting on Zoom, and it's super easy to do so. Just open the chat and, in the bottom right corner, a button called File will appear. Just click on it and a pop up menu will open with the following options available: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Your Computer. At this point we'll just have to select the correct option, based on where the file we want to share is located, and then select the file and send it. All the participants in the meeting will receive it in real time.