How to watch live streaming of the European Super Cup final

The final of the European Super Cup 2017 between Real Madrid and Manchester United can also be followed live streaming on the Premium Play platform

It is the trophy that opens the European football season. We are talking about the European Super Cup, the trophy that is played in August between the winner of the Champions League and Europa League of the past season. The European Super Cup 2017 will see Real-Madrid and Manchester United on the field and can be followed in live streaming by those who are on vacation on the Premium Play platform.

Real Madrid and Manchester United have gained access to the European Super Cup 2017 (which will be played in Skopjie, the capital of Macedonia) by winning respectively the Champions League against Juventus and the Europa League against Ajax. A challenge between two stellar teams and that will see on the field two of the strongest players in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba. Compared to last year, the two teams have been further strengthened by buying young prospects and established players. Josè Mourinho's team can play in attack Romelu Lukaku, the striker of the Belgian national team, while Real Madrid has acquired Dani Ceballos, awarded as the best player of the European Under 21.

The rights of the European Super Cup have been acquired by Mediaset, which will broadcast the match on Mediaset Premium, the digital platform of the Biscione TV. Those who are on vacation, but who do not want to miss the event, will be able to follow the European Super Cup between Real Madrid and Manchester United in live streaming on Premium Play.

How to watch Real Madrid- Manchester United live streaming

To see live streaming of the European Super Cup 2017 is necessary to connect to the Premium Play platform available both for computers and for smartphones and tablets. After accessing your personal account, you will need to click on the channel dedicated to Real Madrid- Manchester United. For those who wish, it will also be possible to follow the pre-match. From smartphones and tablets, the steps to follow are identical: after launching the application you will need to connect to the channel dedicated to the European Supercup 2017. To watch the European Supercup final live streaming you need to have a subscription to the sports package.