Huawei HarmonyOS: la data ufficiale per il nuovo sistema operativo

La data circolava già da tempo ma ora è ufficiale: Huawei lancerà il suo sistema operativo mobile il 2 giugno, presto i primi smartphone senza Android.


Giuseppe Croce Giornalista

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Il sistema operativo di Huawei, HarmonyOS, è diventato realtà. Dopo essere stato al centro di lunghe fasi di sviluppo nel corso degli ultimi anni, ora l’"alternativa ad Android" (

The announcement has come directly from the Chinese company, through its official account on the social Weibo. Already a few weeks ago Huawei had released a beta version of its OS dedicated to developers. To learn more about its structure, the software had been completely dissected and analyzed from top to bottom, in addition to having carried out several tests in the field in order to verify its full operation. With the upcoming release, however, should finally peep the final solution of what some have already indicated as a valid replacement for Android, on which it is actually based.

Huawei Harmony OS, structure and features

In fact, HarmonyOS has its roots in the Google operating system, showing itself as a revised and corrected variant of the robot. At its heart, there is the Android Open Source Project, that is, the set of software that makes up the package of the Big G's OS (OS, middleware and open source apps).

That's why it is able to use Google Play Services and applications intended for Android, a detail that at first tests gave satisfactory results. Lightweight and quite versatile in its form, unlike EMUI 11 it doesn't require a great deal of effort in terms of resources such as RAM and storage space, an aspect that is also reflected in the battery consumption that appears consequently sustainable from the point of view of the device on which it is installed.

Those who have had the opportunity to touch it with their hands - according to statements made by the Playfuldroid website based on Chinese sources - have also noted strengths, such as stability and performance, equivalent to its predecessor; if this were to be confirmed, it would be a big boost for the start of this interesting proposal. The microkernel-based system, theoretically totally different from its iOS and Android competitors, has already joined the family at least on Weibo, where the profile dedicated to EMUI has been renamed with the new name.

Huawei Harmony OS, when it will arrive

Huawei HarmonyOS will be officially unveiled on June 2, 2021. While waiting, many are wondering if it will be the announcement reserved for the Chinese market or if it will be the global debut. For sure, as stated earlier by the company, the idea is to install the OS on more than 200 million devices by the end of 2021, in addition to providing more than 100 million copies to partners for as many devices.