Huawei, new operating system will be 60 times faster than Android

Huawei is about to launch its new operating system. It will be called Hongmeng and will be 60 times faster than Android

Huawei has recently been hit by a real storm: Trump has banned trade agreements between companies in the United States and the Chinese giant. The first effect has been the breaking of any commercial agreement with Google, with heavy repercussions on the mobile front: the next Huawei and Honor smartphones won't be able to use the official version of Android, nor Google services.

The company has therefore found itself in a whirlwind, to which however it has decided to react. First of all, it sued the US, calling the ban illegal, and at the same time it would be working on an operating system 60 times faster than Android. In fact, until now all the brand's devices supported Google's system, and without it they would be rather useless and unusable. The move of the Chinese company therefore is quite understandable. The operating system is expected to be launched in beta version by June.

How will Huawei OS look like?

The Huawei OS will be called Hongmeng and, according to rumors, it will be as much as 60 times faster than Android. It will probably be launched by the end of June 2019 in Beta version. The company revealed that the decision was not made in the last week: the work on the proprietary operating system would last for 7 years, and now it has almost come to an end. Hongmeng is therefore the product of a long period of development, and is also meant to support Android apps. In order to achieve this goal, Huawei's CEO has started negotiations with Aptoide, an app store alternative to Google's. But, according to some rumors, the Chinese operating system will be able to run iOS apps as well. Not to mention that the company is committed to providing an excellent user experience that can compete with Apple and Google.

Unfortunately, there are no more technical details about Hongmeng, but Huawei has talked about it at length during some conferences and many believe that it will be able to change the dynamics of the mobile market, creating a third pole that will stand alongside Google and Apple.

Google's countermove: 90-day truce

The Mountain View giant, after announcing the suspension of Android on Huawei, has made a sort of about-face. Following the decision made by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Google has frozen its decision for 90 days, meaning that Huawei customers will continue to receive Android updates, and related apps for the next 3 months.

Surely the announcement of the new Hongmeng system did not go unheard by the ears of the big boys in the market. If the news is true, with the entry of a new operating system we could see a real war between market giants. Huawei, after all, has nothing to envy to companies of the caliber of Google and Apple.