Il Cashback finisce oggi e non ripartirà: quando arrivano i rimborsi

Il primo semestre del Cashback si chiude il 30 giugno e non resta che attendere i primi rimborsi fino a 150 euro, che resteranno gli unici: il governo ha cancellato il programma


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Chiunque abbia effettuato almeno 50 transazioni utilizzando pagamenti elettronici potrà ricevere indietro il 10% di quanto speso, fino a 150 euro di rimborso massimo. This is the State Cashback that ends its first, and probably only, semester just today June 30.

The questions for citizens who participated are many: how to understand if they are entitled to the refund and especially when will the money arrive? What will happen as of July 1, will it start again with the State Cashback? If the first question can be easily answered by looking at the requirements of the Cashless Italy Plan, the second remains uncertain. At the moment, the Draghi government on June 28 cancelled the Cashback introduced by the Conte government, but without making a study of the results. From July 1, therefore, even swiping the card will not accumulate money for the reimbursement that should have arrived at the end of the second semester. From the 5 Star Movement, however, there are protests and a strong request for a rethink. Meanwhile, all that remains is to wait for the refunds and especially the Supercashback ranking, which will allow to win an additional 1500 euros.

Cashback: what it is and how it works

In the last months of 2020, the Conte government launched the Cashless Italia Plan, which introduced two initiatives to encourage Italians to use tracked payment methods such as electronic cards and payment apps instead of cash: the Cashback and the Lottery of the Scontrini.

The Cashback foresees that every user who has registered in the IO app their data and their credit, debit and rechargeable cards, can see all the electronic transactions carried out in the months and get a refund of 10% of the transactions, up to a maximum limit of 150 euros. The initiative divided into 3 semesters, officially started in January 2021 and was supposed to end in June 2022. In addition, those who have made the most transactions can aspire to an additional prize for the first 100,000 in the ranking: the Supercashback of 1500 euros.

On the other hand, however, there is the Lottery of receipts: by associating a code to your tax code, when you pay electronically you generate Lottery codes that allow you to participate in weekly, monthly and annual draws of rich prizes.

Cashback: who is entitled, when it arrives and how

Cashback is therefore due to all those who between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021 have made at least 50 valid transactions that are visible in the IO app. Of all validated transactions, each user will be reimbursed 10% of what they spent, up to a maximum of €15 for a single purchase. For example, making a payment for 179 euros, only 15 euros will be marked in the IO app. In addition, the total amount of the Cashback reimbursement does not exceed 150 euros.

Cashback is credited within 60 days from July 1, so it will arrive by August 31. The money will be credited by a transfer made by Consap to the user's bank account, i.e. to the IBAN that was indicated in the Portfolio section of the IO app at the time of registration, or even entered or changed later but by the expiration date of the current semester, i.e. by June 30.

Those who had not yet done so, will have only Wednesday, June 30 to make the last valid transactions and reach the threshold number of 50, but above all to update the IBAN on which to receive the Cashback.

Cashback goodbye: the government's decision

In the plans of the Conte government, the Cashback was supposed to have two more certain semesters of accumulation of refunds: from July 1 to December 31, 2021 and from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022. At least a year and a half to get Italians used to preferring electronic payments via cards or apps to cash.

With the arrival of the Draghi government, however, the situation suddenly changed and right from the start the continuation of Cashback seemed at risk. Then on June 28 the confirmation: the Cashback closes on June 30, there will be no additional semesters. At the moment, there seems to be no room for a reconsideration of the government and those who want to participate, will have to make the last transactions by today and accumulate the refund that will arrive by August.