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MHW Iceborne: What are Gourmet Vouchers? We explain

With a voucher, you are guaranteed to get the food bonuses you want. Since Iceborne, there is even a step up, namely the Gourmet Voucher. We explain what it brings and how you can get it.

Star menu for top hunters: that's what the Gourmet Vouchers in Iceborne guarantee.

The food system in Monster Hunter World holds a certain depth. With the Gourmet Voucher, you can make even better use of the possibilities.

Gourmet Voucher: All Bonuses Included

Gourmet Vouchers are characterized by the following feature:
  • With the Gourmet Voucher, you ensure that in addition to the bonuses from the ingredients, you also get full health and experience.
  • With a normal voucher, this is namely not the case - most of the time you still have to bring your health to the maximum separately afterwards.
  • You get the Gourmet Vouchers in various ways, such as through the Steam Plant, but also through Arena quests.
For players who deal extensively with the food in Monster Hunter World to get the most out of it, the Gourmet Vouchers are thus a good addition.

By Estevan

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