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OpenOffice: Convert PDF to ODT - Change Format

PDF documents are widely used and are mainly used when nothing more should be changed in the document. If it is nevertheless necessary to make a change and you no longer have the original file, you can use various tools to convert the PDF into an OpenOffice ODT file.

How to convert a PDF to an ODT file

You can edit an ODT file in OpenOffice according to your needs. This is the standard format of the free word processing program. However, if the document in question is only available to you as a PDF, there are various tools with which you can convert the format of the file according to your wishes.
  1. With various websites, you can convert the PDF into any format you want. For this, you only need to open them in your browser and upload your PDF via the "Select Files" button.
  2. Using "Browse", you can then upload more files to the website, which you also want to convert.
  3. Now activate the optical character recognition or OCR. With this, the format of the PDF is better kept. This option is intended primarily for documents under 20 pages.
  4. Have you made all the desired results, confirm your selection via "Convert".
  5. The process is completed in a few seconds, depending on the size of the document. Meist sehen Sie den Fortschritt direkt auf der Webseite.
  6. Anschließend können Sie die ODT-Datei auf Ihren Computer herunterladen. Bei vielen Webseiten startet der Download automatisch.

By Tiffie Cossano

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