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Starting the Lenovo BIOS - this is how it works

The Lenovo BIOS, i.e. the Basic Input/Output System, can be started using a specific key combination. The manufacturer Lenovo always provides a complete list of BIOS keys for the respective device for this purpose.

Use these shortcuts to start the Lenovo BIOS

If you want to get into the BIOS or UEFI of your Lenovo PC, then you have several keys at your disposal. However, you can also get there via the Windows settings.
  1. To access the BIOS, hold down "F1" or "F2".
  2. In some cases, however, the combinations "Ctrl + Alt + F11" or "Ctrl + Alt + F3" may be needed.
  3. The last option is the key combination "Ctrl + Alt + Ins", so you can start the BIOS on your Lenovo product.
  4. Alternatively, open the settings in Windows 10 and select the item "Update & Security".
  5. Click "Recovery" on the left and then "Restart now" on the right.
  6. In the options menu, click "Troubleshooting" and then "Advanced options".
  7. After that, select the item "UEFI firmware settings" and then click "Restart".

Additional repair of the operating system

In addition, if you want to access the recovery partition of your computer, hold down the "F11" key. With the help of the Recovery Partition, the operating system can be repaired or reinstalled. Within the file manager, the partition is not visible, so it can not be accidentally damaged.

By Genny Kopicko

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