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Excel: Wrap preview - how the preview works

Creating a wrap in Excel can help you keep track of your numbers. In order to print your documents in the best possible way, you should use the pagination preview so that you can check in advance that all the important lines are present on the printout.

How to use the wrap preview in Excel

The wrap preview is used so that you can determine where you have set a manual line break. This way you ensure that you keep track of your documents and that the structure is not lost when Excel prints them out.
  1. Open the Excel file to which you want to apply the line break.
  2. Look at the bottom edge of the Excel window. There you will find the various icons for the status display.
  3. Click on the icon located right next to the percentage display to select the wrap preview.
  4. Now you can see your document in the variant as Excel would print it. The broken blue lines show where the pagination will take place.
  5. If you are not satisfied with this, you can move the pagination by changing the mode again and setting a manual line break afterwards.
  6. Then check again with the pagination preview whether the document is now suitably structured.

Where is the pagination sensibly set?

In a document where you have no thematic sections, you should proceed according to the principle of spending as few pages as possible. However, if you have created an Excel document where there are several sections, you should insert a line break at these points.

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