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Kindle eBooks: How to find and use the online preview

With books, the content is the main focus, but the rest also wants to meet all requirements. For Kindle eBooks, that's why online preview is available. We have all the info.

Writing is good, checking is better: the online preview helps with the final check.

Even the best story needs an appealing robe and should meet all standards. Online preview is very handy for that.

This is why online preview is so useful for your Kindle eBook

You can find online preview in the eBook creation process in the KDP system, specifically in the "Kindle eBook content" section. To get there, you first need to fill in the necessary fields in the first section "Details of Kindle eBook".
  • After that, you can find online preview in the second section, but only after you upload the content of your eBook at the very top of "Manuscript". Before that, logically, no preview is possible.
  • The online preview serves as a final control option. It displays your eBook exactly as it would finally appear. This way you can check the book again for any kind of errors, be it written, visual or regarding the format. Es ist ratsam, zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch das Cover bereits hochgeladen zu haben.
Dieselbe Funktion steht Ihnen übrigens auch offline zur Verfügung, und zwar mit dem Kindle Previewer. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Desktop-Anwendung, die wir in diesem Ratgeber genauer erklärt haben.

By Mazlack Littledave

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