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Android 11: SD card - all info on storage

Even with the latest Google operating system Android 11, you can expand the storage space of your smartphone with an SD card. This is especially handy when the built-in storage space is running low.

How to expand the storage space of your Android 11 device

If the built-in storage space on your Android 11 device is running low, you can expand the memory by using an SD card. Current smartphones are often equipped with an extra slot for this purpose. However, a micro-SD card usually fits into the slot instead of a normal SD card. This is a more compact and smaller version of the conventional SD card.
  • Which memory card format is supported by your smartphone depends on the model.
  • How much additional memory is supported also depends on the smartphone model. All info in this regard can be found either in the enclosed manual or on the manufacturer's website.
  • You can manage the additional memory card via the memory settings of your smartphone. There you also have the option to set up the card as internal storage.
  • This allows Android, among other things, to store apps, files and other media on the memory card. Note that the card must be formatted for this and accordingly all content on the card will be deleted.
For a better overview and more options to manage data, it is also advisable to install a file manager. In the Google Play Store you can find some free and extensive options, such as Total Commander, for download.

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