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SHARE NOW: This is the Business Pass - Costs and Benefits

By taking out special packages, regular carsharing users can increase convenience and save money. SHARE NOW now offers the Business Pass for this purpose, which we explain below.

Anything is possible: with the Business Pass, you can make both private and business trips.

In this guide, we have already presented the 25 and 50 Passes for private users. The Business Pass is structured analogously.

SHARE NOW: Business Pass explained

The Business Pass is also available in the variants 25 and 50.
  • The Business Pass25 costs 34.99 euros per month and brings you a saving of 25 percent on the price per minute.
  • In the Business Pass50, you pay 139.99 euros per month and receive a 50 percent discount.
  • For the booking and payment of the pass is a business profile at SHARE NOW necessary.
  • You can use the Business Pass, however, not only for business trips, but also for private.
The reverse is true, you can not use the private Business Pass for business trips. For customers who have a need for both, the Business Pass is therefore the logical consequence. For an overview of all conditions and details, go this way.

By Clinton

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