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Creating Amazon Short Links: These options are available

Short links are advantageous - this has been known not only since yesterday and also applies to Amazon affiliate links. That's why our guide explains what options are available for creating short links.

Amazon short links can be created with one click directly in the browser thanks to SiteStripe.

The shorter the link, the better it can be integrated into body text without being distracting. For affiliate partners of Amazon, short links are consequently a popular tool.

Amazon: Create short links either in PartnerNet or with SiteStripe

If SiteStripe is turned off or unavailable for other reasons, you can create short links in PartnerNet:
  1. Log in to partnernet.amazon.com.
  2. Click on "Create affiliate links" in the menu.
  3. Search and find the product you want and create the link. Select "Text link", because short links are only possible with this type of link.
  4. Below you will now see the HTML code for the link. Click "Short Link" above the box.
The link will then be drastically shortened and can be easily copied.With SiteStripe you get the same result with much less work:
  1. Call the desired Amazon product page.
  2. Click in the SiteStripe bar on "Text" under "Create Link".
  3. In the created link, which is displayed immediately, you have the choice between "Short Link" and "Full Link".
For site operators who regularly create Amazon links, SiteStripe is therefore clearly recommended. The browser tool is free and appears exclusively on Amazon pages; thus, it is not even noticeable during normal browsing.

By Hayman

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