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OK Google commands funny - Google makes you laugh

What Apple calls "Hey, Siri" and Amazon "Alexa" is Google's "Ok, Google". With these words, you can activate Google's assistant and ask it a question or give it an instruction. There are also funny commands on the Google Homepod whose answers will amaze you.

What are the funny commands that start with "OK, Google"?

You have the option of asking the assistant system a question to which it will give a funny answer, or you can give the Google Homepod a command to which it will respond with a funny action.
  1. You can use the following commands to trigger a funny action: "OK, Google" + "Beatbox!", "Make me laugh / Tell me a joke", "Do a barrel roll!", "Crystal ball", "Surprise me", "Sleep!", "Self-destruct", "I am your father" or "Make me a sandwich".
  2. Of course, you can also just ask the system a funny question. Start the assistant with "OK, Google" and try out what funny answers you get.
  3. If you ask "Are you hungry?", the Homepod will answer with "It depends on the battery level."
  4. Question "Who are your ancestors?" and the assistant will answer with "My grandfather is a paperclip."
  5. Fragen Sie das System „Welchen Nachtisch magst du?“ und es wird antworten „Ich sehe mir gerne Bilder davon an, näher komm ich nicht ran“.
  6. Auf die Frage „Bist du heiß?“ antwortet der Assistent mit „Einige meiner Rechenzentren können bis zu 35 Grad heiß werden“.

By Dachia

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