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Firmware Update for Samsung TV - Installation

Samsung TVs are among the most popular TV models currently on the market. That the new digital televisions are also computers, they also need to be updated at regular intervals. Usually you need an Internet connection for this, but a USB stick is also sufficient.

How to update the firmware of the Samsung TV

First you need to find out the model of your TV. To do this, enter the name on the page of Samsung. If there is an update, you will be shown the latest firmware.
  1. Download the latest version and install it on the USB stick.
  2. To do this, start the program and select your USB stick with "Browse". Then click "Extract" so that the necessary data is written to the USB stick.
  3. Once all the data is saved, you can pull the stick from the PC and insert it into the TV.
  4. In the TV menu, then go to "Menu" > "Support" > "Software Update". Select "Update via USB" and then "Update now".
  5. You can also perform the update directly via the Internet. Ihr Fernseher benötigt dafür eine Internetverbindung.
  6. Klicken Sie anstatt auf „Update per USB“ auf „Nach neuen Updates suchen“ und danach auf „Jetzt aktualisieren“.
  7. Hat Ihr TV diese Funktion nicht, unterstützt er das Updaten per Internet nicht.

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