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Surface Pro 6: Create signature - how to do it

If you don't want to print out documents to sign and scan them again, you have several options on the Surface Pro 6 to create a digital signature. In this article, we'll explain how it works with Microsoft Edge and Outlook.

How to add a signature to files on Surface Pro 6

To add a signature to documents on Surface Pro 6, you have several options. If the file you want to sign is a PDF document, first save it to your Surface Pro 6.
  1. Then open the file with the Edge browser by right-clicking it and going to "Open with" > "Microsoft Edge" in the context menu.
  2. Then click the "pen icon" in the top right corner of the Edge browser and select pen thickness and color.
  3. Sign the document using the Surface Pen or touch input at the desired location and click the "disk icon" to save the signed document.

Surface Pro 6: Create Signature in Outlook

You also have the option to create a digital signature on the Surface Pro 6 using Microsoft Outlook. Once created, you can copy it into any other document. To create a new signature, first open Outlook, select "New Email" and click in the input field. Then select "Freehand Input" from the ribbon and use the Surface Pen, mouse or your finger to sign in the lined field.

By Dilks Kirlin

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