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Windows 10: Open and edit PDF files

A document is always sent as PDF when no more changes should be made to it. Nevertheless, in some cases it is necessary to open and edit a PDF file. In Windows 10, this is easily possible with the help of free third-party software.

How to open and edit PDF files in Windows 10

If you only have a document as a PDF, it is usually difficult to make changes. However, in Windows 10, you have numerous free tools at your disposal that you can use to open and edit the PDF.
  1. First, select a tool that you want to use. For example, the free Foxit Reader application is a good choice here.
  2. Download the program and follow the instructions to install it.
  3. Once the installation is complete, launch the application.
  4. Load the PDF you want to edit into the program. In Foxit Reader, you can drag the file into the program to upload it.
  5. Once you open the PDF, you can edit it directly. It is possible to delete the text, rewrite it or choose a different formatting.
  6. In addition, you have the option to add more images or signatures.
  7. Once you have completed the changes, save the file back to PDF.

By Lauree Freniere

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