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What network does Aldi Talk use? So is the coverage

Aldi Talk is a low-cost mobile operator that offers mainly prepaid rates. If you want to be reachable almost everywhere, then it is important to find out about the existing network coverage before changing your provider. Before you get to know this, you need to know which network Aldi Talk uses.

This network is used by Aldi Talk

If you plan to change your mobile provider, you have different options to choose from. If you want to be reachable everywhere, the network coverage plays a particularly important role in the selection. This depends on the network used by the provider in question. This is also the case with Aldi Talk.
  1. Some providers do not operate their own network, but use that of another provider. This is also the case with the provider Aldi Talk.
  2. Aldi Talk uses the Telefonica network. This also includes the network of O2 and E-Plus.
  3. The network of Telefonica is in most tests behind the D1 network of Telekom and the D2 network, which is operated by Vodafone.
  4. Aldi Talk you can also use a tariff with LTE, so as to increase the speed.
  5. If you attach much importance to a fast connection and a high network coverage, then it is recommended to switch to another provider. If the cost factor plays a big role for you and there is a good coverage, then Aldi Talk offers itself.

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