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Word: Shrink document - how to do it

Text files are usually not very large. Even several hundred pages amount to just a few megabytes in memory. However, if you include a lot of images within your document, the file size can quickly increase and sometimes become too large.

Word: How to compress images

The solution to this problem is quite simple. All imported images are compressed and thus memory is saved. Word already has a built-in function for this.
  1. First open your document, because the reduction takes place within the project.
  2. Now double-click on an image in your document.
  3. Look for the top bar in the window. You are now in the tab "Image Tools" within "Format".
  4. Now click there on "Customize" and then on "Compress Images".
  5. Now you have to remove the checkmark for "Apply only to this image".
  6. Indicate the desired option at the "Target Output". To compress optimally, you should select "Email".
  7. Finally click "OK".

Word: Reduce document size - these tips help

  1. Use images only in JPG format, as they are already compressed internally.
  2. Achten Sie bei der Farbtiefe darauf, 8-Bit zu verwenden.
  3. Auch die Ausgangsgröße des Bildes muss nicht zwangsläufig hoch aufgelöst sein.
  4. Verwenden Sie grundsätzlich weniger Bilder in Ihrem Dokument, sofern es sich vermeiden lässt.

By Morville

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