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Valve Index: Prices of the VR set in the big overview

According to the current status, all components of Valve Index will be available on September 30, 2019. However, pre-ordering has been possible since the beginning of May. We show which devices are available and how the prices are designed.

With Valve Index, the VR experience is supposed to reach a new level, but this has its price.

The VR market is now on the threshold of the mass market. The high entry prices are still a hurdle - Valve Index will not change this.

Valve Index: Prices individually or in a package

Valve Index consists of several components, each of which is available separately:
  • The focus is on the headset, i.e. the VR goggles. This costs 539 euros.
  • Two controllers are available for 299 euros.
  • In the combo package, these elements are available for 799 euros, the savings is therefore 40 euros.
  • The base station costs 159 euros each.
  • The complete package includes a headset, two controllers and two base stations for a total of 1,079 euros. Compared to buying all the devices individually, the savings is 77 euros.
Note that all these items are necessary for a complete experience. The single purchase is offered to replace devices. In addition, Index's controller and headset are compatible with HTC Vive and Vive Pro base stations, respectively. HTC-Besitzer können mit Valve Index folglich für ein Upgrade sorgen.

By Lindon

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