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Improve LTE speed - this is how you succeed

LTE was introduced in Germany in 2010 as another tariff option for mobile phone contracts. This technology promises faster Internet, improved telephony via VoLTE, more stable connections and lower power consumption. LTE speed is influenced by various factors. Some of them you can influence.

This is how you improve your LTE speed

The LTE speed of your cell phone depends on various factors. Here, it first depends on the tariff you have booked. At most, you can reach the speed that is also specified in your contract. If you are also in a building or similar, you usually have poor reception, which can also disrupt the speed.
  1. First check via a speed test, how high the speed is that you reach. If this already corresponds to the value specified in your contract, then an improvement in speed is no longer possible.
  2. To achieve a fast Internet, you can stand near a transmission tower. At this position, the reception is usually best.
  3. If several users in your vicinity access the same radio cell, the speed is also greatly affected. This is because LTE also uses different channels, just like a WLAN network. There is little you can do about this factor yourself and you have to wait until the connection gets better.
  4. If you find yourself on the highway, in a train or inside a building, look for another place to improve your speed.

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