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MHW Iceborne: New training area - all info

The training area is not only for beginners an important place in Monster Hunter World. With Iceborne, the location has even been expanded. With us you get all the info on the topic.

Carts instead of barrels: In Iceborne there is finally a large training object.

The tree trunk was the main attack target in Monster Hunter World in most training sessions. However, many players were not fully satisfied with it, as the shape was awkward for some weapons.

MHW: New equipment available in the training area

This has changed with Iceborne. At the push of a button, you can change the equipment of the training area:
  1. Travel to the training area.
  2. Talk to the housekeeper there.
  3. Select the first dialog option, as this will change the training area.
Thereupon, the barrels and the tree trunk have disappeared, instead of which you will now see a large cart. This is handy because it offers a lot of attack surface, which is important for weapons like the energy blade. In addition, you can weaken the different areas of the cart; this is suitable for practicing the use of the clamp claw and also to see the differences in damage.The new training area is thus another increase of Iceborne compared to the main game.
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By Joann

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