Instagram: new test to challenge TikTok

More news coming for Instagram Stories? The social is testing a feature that raises the bar of competition with TikTok: here's what it is

The 2021 of Instagram is not yet over: indeed, it still has some interesting news to give to its members. The latest is a feature that once again concerns the Stories, one of the formats most used and appreciated by users of the social network; what is it and why could it be decisive in the tough battle against its direct challengers?

The discovery of this useful addition is attributable to the news website 9to5Mac, which has intercepted the introduction of the feature after a report from a Turkish account. Although for the moment it is only available to a small group of people, the feature could soon allow everyone to upload long videos in their Stories, without necessarily having to resort to segmentation into 15-second chunks as required so far. This is the second feature completely dedicated to Instagram Stories in a short time, since only a month ago the Like button was introduced, albeit exclusively in test mode.

Instagram, what changes for videos in Stories

How does uploading long videos work on Instagram? It's simple: clips, lasting up to 60 seconds, can be added to your Stories by following the same process used so far. Once the upload is complete, however, the movie will no longer be broken up into 15-second parts but can be published in full, thus avoiding possible distractions or jumps - unintentional or not - between segments.

The introduction of long videos on Instagram marks another step forward in the radical change that the platform is currently going through. The change to the duration of the clips brings the social network closer to two of its main competitors, Snapchat and, above all, its bitter Chinese rival TikTok, with which the competition is constantly alive and fierce.

Instagram, when will long videos arrive?

The feature dedicated to long videos is not yet available for everyone: it is, in fact, a beta test that is involving, as anticipated, only some members of the social network. If the results are positive, however, it could soon be introduced along with the new editing interface, still for Stories, which would allow you to add the location and mention other accounts more quickly and easily than before.