What is the Dolly Parton Challenge, Instagram’s new viral challenge

The Dolly Parton Challenge is coming: how did it come about? And how can you participate with your photos? Here's how

We bet, scrolling through Instagram you've already come across the new catchphrase of the moment several times: a collage composed of four profile photos, respectively for Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Each of the four apps has its own peculiarity, which is expressed precisely with a different image. Thus, the composition goes from LinkedIn's photograph that will be super professional to Tinder's one specifically designed to seduce. The meme, born a few days ago, has already gone around the world and is called Dolly Parton Challenge. And, needless to say, the official hashtag is #dollypartonchallenge. The reason? Everything was born from the diva Dolly Parton, who first had the idea to show her four faces, each for a different social. The meme was immediately taken up by stars around the world, from Miley Cyrus to Ellen DeGeneres. Participating in the challenge is easy and fun, here's how to do it.

How does the Dolly Parton Challenge come about?

If you've already noticed the invasion of the hashtag #DollyPartonChallenge on your Instagram wall, the credit goes to 70s diva Dolly Parton who, to amuse fans, created a special collage with four photos of her. Two days ago from his IG profile @dollyparton has published the image destined to become the first major social challenge of 2020. The caption accompanying the photo reads "Choose a woman who can be all that". It was therefore born as a sort of call to arms for women, who should feel free to express themselves in all their nuances. The image then shows a professional Dolly Parton, portrayed in the LinkedIn profile picture, one for Instagram and Facebook more informal, ending with the sexy profile picture designed for Tinder.

The graphics have been a huge success and was immediately taken up by users around the world, not only on Instagram, but also on other social networks such as Facebook. The images, in addition to their own caption, are united by the hashtag #DollyPartonChallenge, which is the official one of the initiative.

The first to follow Parton's inspiration was of course Miley Cirus, who considers the diva as her artistic godmother. Cyrus included the following caption "she went viral (referring to Parton) with a social that she doesn't even use". After her, Jennifer Garner, Oprah or even Timothée Chalamet also followed the trend. With the passing of the hours, the meme has also arrived in Italy and has even involved the world of TV series (there is one on Walter Whiter from Breaking Bad), cartoons and especially animals: photos of dogs, cats, pigs that interpret in their own way the challenge are now everywhere.

Here's how to do the Dolly Parton Challenge

First, choose four profile photos of yourself: the one you would put on LinkedIn, more serious and professional, one for Facebook, informal and reassuring, one for Instagram, artistic, fashionable and particular, and finally a super sexy one designed for the dating app Tinder. Remember that each social network has its own prerogatives that should be reflected in the photos you choose: only in this way you can make your followers smile and win their double tap on the post.

There are many apps that allow you to easily make collages with four photos, one of which is called "Photo Collage". You can enter the photographs and associate them with the names of different social media. After creating the composition, get ready to share it on your Instagram profile and don't forget the official hashtag to include in the caption.