Google, a new app to showcase TikTok and Instagram videos

Google is working on a new app to become an aggregator of short videos: a move to attract traffic generated by TikTok and Instagram?

It's time for new features for Google's mobile app. According to the first information leaked on the network, Big G is experimenting with a new feature that can aggregate and view short videos on Tik Tok and Instagram platforms, showing them in a single carousel directly within the app.

The news was launched by the site TechCrunch, later confirmed by a spokesperson for the Mountain View giant who confirmed that the feature is still in the early stages of development. At the moment, the new feature that will be included among those available on the Google app for mobile devices, would be in the testing phase on the web version of the search engine used on the browser of smartphones and tablets. In addition to the first rumors, it was also possible to see the first images of the feature through a tweet launched by a user, Brian Freiesleben, following a search made on the Green Bay Packers football team.

TikTok video and Instagram on Google: how the app will work

The function would have already appeared a few months ago on Google Discover, anticipating the mechanism of operation. By performing a search through the Mountain View engine, it will be possible to display a carousel, with video content from both Instagram and TikTok, providing users with the opportunity to view the short videos directly from Google, without necessarily having to open the specific apps.

At the tap on the video, as reported by TechCrunch, the browser would redirect the user to the web version of the social platform even with if the relevant application is already available on the device. It is, therefore, a change of course compared to what happens now, since the tap on the video the browser will open the social network in its native application, if it is already installed.

Once you've completed browsing the mobile version of the platform, just tap on the back arrow to resume browsing the search results. No more open apps to close in the background to save memory: everything happens within a single application.

TikTok videos and Instagram on Google: when they arrive

According to what the Google spokesperson said, there will still be a long wait before we can touch the feature, especially given the testing phase just started. Once released, however, the feature should allow all users to take advantage of the video carousel, except in India where the doubt remains given the ban of government authorities against TikTok.