Instagram, stop notifications for screenshots of stories

After introducing them with pomp and circumstance, Instagram is eliminating notifications in case a user takes a screenshot of a story

Some will be crying victory. Certainly for serial "screenshotters" it's good news, if not great. Spokesmen for the company, in fact, have confirmed to the online magazine BuzzFeed that no more notifications will be sent in case a user takes a screenshot of a story of his contact.

In short, no more fear of peeking into the lives of others and no more strange methods to take screenshots of Instagram Stories without being discovered. According to rumors, the decision of the leaders and developers of the social platform comes after many voices of criticism and protest that were raised against the feature, considered a strong limitation on the right to privacy of users. Be that as it may, now you can go back to taking screenshots of the Stories and exchange them with your contacts via Instagram Direct messages or other instant messaging platforms.

Instagram notifications, stop testing screenshots

The decision of the company now owned by Facebook confirms, therefore, what was suspected by many users who, for some time now, did not "send" notifications when they went to "interact" with a story of one of their contacts. Evidently, the feature (although announced with great fanfare by Instagram itself) was only in a test version or, perhaps more truthful perspective, the feedback of hundreds of millions of Instagram users was not as positive as someone at the top of the photo social network par excellence had initially imagined.

At the moment, however, it is not yet known whether Instagram will introduce other forms of limitation to screenshots or, conversely, will leave free to "photograph the screen" exactly as it is happening now.