Where do screenshots end up: now it’s easier to find them

We take dozens of screenshots a month, sometimes a day, but we always have trouble finding them: here's where to look for the screenshots folder on Android smartphones

How many times have we happened to take a screenshot on our Android phone and not know where it ended up? Many, to all of us. That's why Google has decided to remedy this situation with a new feature that is being integrated into the Google Photos app, pre-installed on all Android smartphones.

In fact, you can already find your screenshots in the Google Photos app, but their location is not easy to locate. Google's idea is therefore to make the folder where screenshots captured on the smartphone are automatically saved immediately accessible, via a new shortcut. The topic of screenshots, among other things, seems to be particularly close to Big G's heart, since Chrome is coming up with a new tool dedicated to capturing and editing screenshots.

Where do screenshots end up on your phone

Currently the easiest way to find your screenshots is to open the Google Photos app, tap on the magnifying glass and then enter the word "screenshot" in the search field. You'll see an icon of a folder called "Screenshots", in which you'll find all the screenshots you've captured, divided by day.

With the new version of Photos, however, you'll find a shortcut to that folder directly in the app's home screen and you won't have to search for it anymore. This new feature has already been spotted on apps updated to version, but not all users with this version of Google Photos already see it.

This means that it's a "Server Side" feature, meaning that it depends on Google's servers and not on the version of the app being used. So either Google is doing tests limited to a small circle of users, or we'll all be getting the new shortcut to the screenshots folder on our Android smartphones soon.

The new screenshots on Chrome

At the same time as this new feature was released on Android phones, another one is coming to PCs with Chrome browser: the new screenshot tool.

The new feature was released on Chrome 98 in the "Canary" version, i.e. for beta testers, and must be activated from the experimental functions of the browser (the famous "flags" of Chrome). Once the two flags in question are enabled, every time you press the "STAMP" key on the keyboard (often identified by a camera icon on the key) you can select a portion of the screen and save it in memory.

Right after Chrome shows a small window, which contains a thumbnail of the captured area, and which contains two buttons: "Edit", to make basic changes to the captured screen, and "Download", to save it as a Jpeg file on your computer.