Windows 10 Fall Update will make it easier to configure business PCs

Microsoft unveiled the new Windows AutoPilot feature that aims to make it easier for SMBs and businesses to use computers

Microsoft has been working hard on its operating system lately. From security to updates. Now the U.S. computer giant has designed a series of new features for Windows 10 in a way that simplifies its use. This new simplified system will be called Windows AutoPilot. Basically it is a kind of auto-pilot that will constantly help us in the use of the computer. Microsoft has stated that the new feature will be available from the end of June. This is not the first time that the American giant uses the term AutoPilot. With this label were identified systems for the management of the company's data centers. However, it should be remembered that there is practically no affinity between the two programs. The new feature was intended to be part of the Windows 10 Creators Update last April.

Windows AutoPilot

AutoPilot is designed primarily for companies and SMEs working in the field of distribution and the so-called OEM, that is, companies that make equipment that will then be installed in a finished product, on which the final manufacturer affixes its brand. Windows AutoPilot is designed to facilitate communication with its customer base. Microsoft also announced that to increase this offering for businesses by the end of the year both Microsoft Store for Business and Microsoft Partner Center will be integrated with AutoPilot. By November, AutoPilot Reset will be released.

Cyber Security

AutoPilot will also play a key role in increasing the efficiency of Windows Defender and thus the cybersecurity of the Microsoft operating system. These new updates will prevent the user, and especially a company's employees, from making trivial mistakes and will manage updates and data saved on the machine. Microsoft by the end of 2017 may also include an Analytics feature on AutoPilot. This will be used to monitor the overall health of the computer.