Amazon, with robots it will be easier and faster to ship products

Ahead of the Christmas vacations, Amazon is increasing the presence of robots in its warehouses. Here's how they work

With the arrival of Christmas for e-commerce sites like Amazon, it becomes increasingly important to speed up the shipping of packages. The number of orders increases exponentially and if you don't use the right countermeasures, you can't meet the demands of the users.

For this reason Amazon has decided to equip its warehouses with new robots that allow to simplify the management of orders. During the Christmas period, the company of Jeff Bezos, to be able to fulfill all the orders, hires more than one hundred thousand seasonal workers. To improve the service in recent years Amazon has equipped its factories with robots that go to support the work of employees. The robots facilitate operations both during the preparation of the package and during the transport phases from one part of the warehouse to another.

How Amazon's robots work

The robots come into operation from the earliest stages of order processing. When a user clicks on the Buy button, the order arrives at the warehouse's central server and a robot pinpoints the product's location on the warehouse shelves. Then another robot comes into action, transferring the various products into trolleys that take the products to the shipping department. After preparing the boxes, it is again the robots that take charge of the packages and sort them according to the final destination.