IPhone X, the iPhone of the decade destined to surprise everyone

A designer has tried to give shape to all the rumors that have occurred so far. The result is the iPhone X, a device capable of disrupting the market

Although the release date is still several months away, the iPhone of the decade has long been one of the most anticipated devices by experts and fans of the industry. The successor to the iPhone 7, in fact, will be presented exactly 10 years after the launch of the first iPhone in history and everyone imagines that it will be a revolutionary device.

A feeling reinforced by the many rumors and rumors that have followed in recent weeks. Let's start, for example, from the number of models that should see the light next fall. Unlike what happened in the last three years, Apple should unveil as many as three different iPhones, with 4.7-inch, 5-inch and 5.8-inch displays. This last model should be, in particular, the "chosen one": a device equipped with the best Apple technology and a totally different design compared to the past. It is precisely based on these rumors iPhone 8 (or iPhone X as it may be) that a designer has tried to draw the applephone of the decade.

Technical characteristics iPhone 8

The anniversary iPhone will have a 5.8-inch OLED display with curved edges and will be just 6.9 millimeters thick. In this very small space, the engineers of the house of Cupertino will be able to "hide" a powerful SoC A11 made with 10-nanometer production technology, an improved battery and other very advanced technical components. Disappears the physical home button, replaced by a "touch band" in which will be "drowned" even the fingerprint reader.

There will also be wireless charging, facilitated by a body made of ceramic material that will facilitate the passage of electricity needed to recharge the battery of the device. The applephone, moreover, should be made in two different colors: Ceramic White and Ceramic Black. The release date of the iPhone 8, however, should not change: the appointment with the presentation should be for next September 2017, as per the long-standing tradition.